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We’ll assist you in developing conversion-optimized pages, publishing content that your audience will remember, boosting your website’s ranking to the top.

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Our SEO specialties that can help you break into the field and progress towards greater success.

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There are a variety of areas within the search engine optimization world that require different skill sets. Some demand more SEO technical know-how and others a great deal of creativity, but all in all there are thousands of SEO specialties.

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Digital marketing services are a relatively new phenomenon. And The most important thing is to know if you need help with your strategy or if you already have a plan that works well for your business.

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Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest — no matter what social media platform you affiliate with most, there’s one thing that unites them all: they all require some form of marketing to keep them relevant.

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Designing a well-designed website is no easy task, and often requires specialized knowledge. You need support with UI design, web development, or SEO analytics, to help your company grow.

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We are happy to share our SEO services with you. Our team of SEO professionals will work on a full-time basis to get your website in prime position on the search engines.

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I have worked with more than 100 clients all around the globe and have delivered 100% successful results, ultimately resulting in more than happy clients.

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You will be surprised to know that, alone in my field, I have delivered more than 400 successful projects to my clients, whether for SEO, Social Mdia Marketing And Paid Marketing.


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How I Keep Prices Down

Prices for SEO have gotten astronomical in recent years. Sometimes it’s justified–it often takes a lot of experience and work to compete for popular search terms. But prices can also be high because they’re being charged by firms with large overhead and inefficient techniques. And unfortunately, because few people outside the industry understand SEO, it’s easy to take people for a ride. I offer small businesses an inexpensive, effective alternative to clunky, impersonal SEO firms. Small businesses usually don’t need to spend tens of thousands of dollars on SEO, and the idea of paying a monthly retainer to “upkeep” a life coach’s four-page website is silly. I also work on larger websites, but my philosophy is the same: Treat each of my clients with care and respect, using cutting-edge techniques and efficient systems, to make their websites thrive without breaking their bank.

The Small-Business Package: $1500

This is my super-efficient, low-cost package for small business owners targeting local markets with relatively low competition. For example, most yoga studios, chiropractic clinics, and plant nurseries fit this description. This is basically the same service I offer all my clients, just pared down. Here’s what I offer:

When Should You Hire An SEO Company in India?

If you’re running a business, you know that online visibility is key to success. But how do you make sure your website appears in search engine results? 

SEO is the process of optimizing your website for Google’s search algorithm. By making your site more visible and relevant to potential customers, you can increase traffic and conversions.

So when should you hire digital marketing SEO agency in India? Here are some situations when it makes sense to outsource SEO:

When You’re Launching a New Website.If you’re starting a new business or launching a new website, you need to make sure that it’s optimized for search engines. An experienced SEO company can help you choose the right keywords and phrases, develop high-quality content, and build links to your site. This will give you a strong foundation for long-term success.


When You’re Rebranding Your Business


If you’re rebranding your business, it’s important to update your website accordingly. An SEO company can help you redirect old URLs, update your Meta tags and descriptions, and create new content that reflects your new brand identity.

India is a vast and populous country with an ever-growing economy. As such, it’s no wonder that the demand for SEO services is on the rise.

If you’re considering outsourcing your SEO needs to an Indian company, be sure to do your research to ensure you’re getting a reputable and reliable service. 

The tips in this article will help you get started on finding the rightdigital marketing SEO agency in India for your business needs.

Why Do You Need an SEO Company In India?
Search Engine Optimization Services In India

Finally, I give your site a boost of popularity by submitting it to 600 free online directories. I also train you in getting more high-quality inbound links, and get you started with a few recommendations for websites to contact. Note that for some markets, the directory submissions are enough to get you ranking well, but for more competitive markets you may need to spend a few hours a month building relationships with other webmasters in order to get links.

Custom Packages: $2000-$7000

If your business doesn’t fit my criteria for the Small Business Package, I’ll come up with a price based on your aspirations, the status of your website, and the competitiveness of your market.

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Apex Software Inc
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Apex Software Inc
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2000 – 2045

Apex Software Inc
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2000 – 2045

Cambridge University
IOS Development

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2000 – 2045

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2000 – 2045

Cambridge University

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If you don’t find your answer here, call me. I love talking about this stuff.

I’m sure you’re aware that Googling is the new global pastime. People use search engines to find auto mechanics, doctors, even that ex-girlfriend who dumped them in high school. If you’re a small business owner living in a metropolitan area, there are probably dozens of people searching for your products or services every day. And if you have an E-commerce site, there could be thousands of people searching for your products worldwide. Have you ever wondered what would happen to your site’s traffic if it ranked at the top of Google’s search results?
Imagine the Grand Coulee Dam exploding. It’s something like that.

The first and often most complicated step is to choose the keywords you’re going to target: What words would people type into search engines when they’re looking for the products or services you offer? Then you choose the most popular keywords that have the least amount of competition from other websites.
Next, we make changes to your site that are barely noticeable to your visitors, but totally change the way search engines index your site. This might involve changing the title tags, changing or adding headings, adjusting the internal link structure, and, if necessary, weaving keywords gracefully into your body text. If your site is relatively simple, I’ll do the changes myself. If it needs more tender loving care, I can collaborate with your site designer.
Finally, I help you build a link structure to your site that makes the search engines think your site is popular.

I create an extranet for each of my clients. It has a detailed SEO report, including all the data I’ve gathered. I’ve worked hard to make it easy to read and occasionally entertaining–I’m pretty psyched about it. There’s also a checklist to show what’s been done and what’s ahead.
If I’m the one making changes to your site, I’ll post the revised site on the extranet too, so that we can discuss them before the site goes live.

SEO is like providing a dating service. Your website is the hopeful single, and the search engines are your prospective matches. I can do all I can to help your website be attractive, but ultimately, it’s still the search engine making the decision. So while I can’t guarantee your results, I can say that search engines have gotten increasingly predictable over the years.

You should be suspicious–there are a lot of hacks out there. Most SEO firms do a decent job of on-site optimization, but don’t choose keywords wisely or create an effective link structure. I’ve mastered both these techniques.
I know that probably doesn’t mean much to you, but you don’t have to take my word for it–look at the websites on my Clients page. Their results speak for themselves.

This depends on the age of your site (newer sites take longer), the competitiveness of your business sector (competitive sectors take longer), and to some degree, the fickle whims of the search engine algorithms. It ranges from a couple weeks to two years, but most sites start ranking well within a year.

SEO is like providing a dating service. Your website is the hopeful single, and the search engines are your prospective matches. I can do all I can to help your website be attractive, but ultimately, it’s still the search engine making the decision. So while I can’t guarantee your results, I can say that search engines have gotten increasingly predictable over the years.

It depends on the complexity of your site, the amount of changes that need to be made, and the competitiveness of the sector. My base charge for a simple website targeting local search terms is $1200. Larger ecommerce websites, or sites targeting highly-competitive search terms, usually run between $2000 and $7,000.



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